Rush Limbaugh Calls Out Danica Patrick: 'What Do You Expect From a Woman Driver?'

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Rush Limbaugh seems to have a bottomless well from which he can draw offensive blather, and today he reached down there and pulled out a pretty solid gem of pure shit. He was discussing a recent interview Danica Patrick did in which she gave her views on Obama's mandate that health care plans cover contraception. Why we would worry ourselves about a race car driver's opinion on contraception is another matter for another time, but it gave Rush an opportunity to unleash some of his patented brand of moronism:

She was talking, Danica Patrick was talking about Obama's contraception ruling. She was not speaking in general though it applies generally... She said, "I leave it up to the government to make good decisions for America." ... [sigh] What do you expect from a woman driver? I don't know why everybody was so shocked.


His larger point, if you could even call it that, is that Danica Patrick is a puppet for the Democratic party, and her answer, "sums up the Democrat mindset perfectly."

Gross, but this might be more offensive if it made more sense, Rushie Poo. The old idea that women are bad drivers has been thoroughly disproven—though in order to believe in that, you've got to believe in science, which... And last time I checked, the other crusty stereotype of women drivers is that they stop and ask for directions when they're lost; whereas, the stereotypical male driver would charge on, ignorant of where he was going and end up driving in circles for hours. So, I guess women drivers are lame because they let the government give directions to their uterus, and that's a bad thing even though it gets them where they want to go? I admit, I am lost. I would stop and ask for directions, but I'm pretty sure there is no human, GPS system, or map that can navigate the complex series of ugly thoughts and dumb assumptions that populate Rush Limbaugh's mind.

As if Rush's insults and that lame sportscaster calling her a bitch this weekend weren't bad luck enough, Danica Patrick was caught in a multi-car crash at the beginning of the Daytona 500 earlier today. She waited for her car to be fixed and then got back in the race, even though her chances of winning were gone. Well, isn't that just like a woman driver...? Ugh.

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Adding another reason to my long, long list of why, exactly, if Rush Limbaugh was on fire and burning on the side of the road, not only would I not piss on him to put it out, I would get out a goddamn bag of marshmallows and roast them in the flames. That sounds really vicious, but he just brings up this deep, visceral loathing in me that turns me into a thoroughly unpleasant person.