Rick Santorum Thinks That Single Women Who Breed Need to be Kicked in the Butt

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Anti-abortion, anti-contraception, anti-college Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is also anti-single mother — or at least he was when he first ran for Senate, back when he was, by his own admission, less of a zealot than he is today. During a Pennsylvania town hall meeting, he told the gathered crowd that welfare programs encouraged single women to breed, and when they breed, they breed an army of criminals.

Today's Super Tuesday, which means that for the next 24 hours or so, we're all going get super depressed pondering hypothetical scenarios where Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, or Newt Gingrich become the President. But for now, let's focus our bummed outedness on the frothiest candidate remaining in the GOP field — Rick Santorum.

According to Mother Jones, Santorum's most offensive anti-single mother remarks came during a series of town hall meetings in 1994, which means Santorum was probably wearing Zubaz and sporting an asymmetrical flat top fade during the proceedings. He'd made welfare reform central to his Senate campaign, touring the state hawking claims like the one where he insists that welfare causes crime because providing poor women with assistance encourages them to have more babies which in turn leads the babies to become criminals. Or the one where he claims that single women who don't work 35 hours per week shouldn't be eligible for any benefits. Or the one where he concludes that women who refuse to identify the child's father shouldn't be allowed benefits, either. And single moms who don't get the picture need "a kick in the butt." He even used some Limbaugh-esque logic to conclude that giving single mothers welfare benefits was sort of like paying them so that they'd have children. The mom-stitutes.


I wonder what he would think of the theory that the national crime dropoff in the early 1990's coincided pretty perfectly with the 18th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which means that perhaps avoiding unwanted childbirth (and, by extension, the availability of abortion) is good for society as a whole.

But that was in 1994, right? Times have changed. Opinions evolve. Right?

Eh, maybe.

Mother Jones points out that back in October, Santorum implied that single mothers comprise the voting base of the Democratic Party. And he still thinks when women run around putting things into or expelling things out of their vaginas without church-sanctioned male supervision, the whole world goes to shit. Birth control's a grave evil that gives women license to "do things" (what things, Rick!? Oh, please tell me what sort of things!) and that abortion is full on murder and that single parents shouldn't get head-of-household tax exemptions because everyone should just get married and stop monkeying around with things that the pope doesn't say are okay. OKAY?!

So, ladies, in Santorum's world, unless you're heterosexual, married, and letting your husband impregnante you at will you're doing it wrong. And if you're doing it wrong, you should be punished.

Santorum: Single Moms are 'breeding more criminals' [Mother Jones]

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