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Watch Ke$ha's Sarah McLachlan-esque Plea on Behalf of Baby Seals

How do you talk about Ke$ha when she is doing something that you can't make fun of her for? What do you say? Keep up the good work, buddy?


Is Ke$ha The New Sarah McLachlan? [Buzzfeed]

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Oh fuck off Ke$ha. A) They don't club baby seals anymore, B) seals are far from extinct. There are so many seals that some species of fish are being decimated by them (but who cares fish are gross but seals are cute RIGHT!) and C) considering how the US treats woman's right, maybe we should boycott them too.

I'd rather see the Canadian government support those who rely on this industry (a lot of native americans' only source of revenue) than kneel down before a bunch of shitty singers and actors.