No One Cares About Kony Anymore

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It's been a week since the Kony 2012 campaign launched and millions of viewers mobilized in an effort to bring Joseph Kony to justice. JK! Everyone lost interest. Google data shows that searches for the Ugandan warlord have dropped back to nearly zero — that's where they were before Invisible Children's campaign, unfortunately — and show the same trajectory as the Oscars: intense but fleeting curiosity.


The Atlantic's Max Fisher writes of the data:

In the end, Invisible Children got exactly what they asked for: retail revenue for themselves (the $30 "action kit" of stickers and bracelets sold out in hours, went on a months-long back-order, and are no longer available) and nothing for actual Africans. The group treated its audience like short-sighted, emotionally selfish children — the video's narrative message is literally delivered to a small child who can barely bring himself to pay attention — and that's how they behaved.


Keep Central Africa on your radar the the next time you donate your money or energy to a cause, but give up on Invisible Children.

The International Obsession With Joseph Kony Is Already Ending [The Atlantic]

Image via [Invisible Children]

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