Devilishly Clever Ad Distributes Free Cake Samples to Passersby

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There have been some strange ad innovations popping up at bus stops in London recently. First came the icky-sounding smell-vertising that emitted the scent of a baked potato to induce cravings in hungry commuters, and now there's a new innovation—though this one sounds more promising because it involves actual cake. Yes, you read that right. A new ad installed at 19 bus stops around the city dispenses Mr Kipling brand cake samples to passersby. Of course, at one of the sites, they've fouled up the works by having the poster emit the scent of cake too, but let's not stress about that when there are samples of "cake to go" snack packs to be had. Of course, it's possible that it will backfire when people decide to empty the machine of its goodies, but for now, let's bask in the idea that someday we might be able to walk down the street and grab pieces of cake and candy on every corner. It'll be like the cupcake ATM only better because it's free.

Cake Brand Mr Kipling Dispenses Sweets From a Poster [AdAge]

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Kat Callahan

I am suspicious.

Everyone knows the cake is a lie.