Woman In Wheelchair Gets Thrown Off a Bridge, Enjoys the Hell Out of It

It's generally not acceptable to throw people off of bridges, whether they're in wheelchairs or not, but in this case the people tossing Christi "LynX" Rougoo over the edge were just helping her achieve her dream of bungee jumping. Rougoo, who was paralyzed at the age of 21 and uses a wheelchair, worked with an organization called 9Lives Adventures to make the jump. If you're curious about why she jumped in the chair, 9Lives founder Karim Ladki explains,

A wheelchair actually keeps the body more steady than jumping without one and keeps the bloodflow from going to the jumper's head. Wheelchair jumpers also have a specific bungee cord tied to the axles of the wheelchair.


It was a motorcross accident four years ago that left her paralyzed, and she says she has been looking "for that rush to replace what I have lost." Judging from the heart-in-your-throat video of her 160-foot fall from a bridge in Whistler, Canada, this must have done quite the job.

Paraplegic woman Christi Rougoor bungee jumps off bridge in wheelchair [CBS]



Oh dear. That headline. Not cool.

"Badass woman goes bungee jumping with a lil help from some friends"

Much better.