Adorable Kid Is So Tired He Falls Asleep While Skiing

Dude, skiing can be tiring, so you can't really blame little Bode (Gee, think his parents want him to be a skier much?) for falling asleep on the job. In fact, this kid is a genius. I have been trying to figure out a way to sleep standing up for the longest time—and now I've finally realized all you need to do is wear ski boots! Just strap them on and nap where you stand. Except don't go too deep, or you'll end up like poor Bode does at the very end.

[Via Tastefully Offensive]

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This is cruel. Never mind dad making him an international laughing stock by keeping his camera pointed at him while he fell asleep from exhaustion, but all other adults just wait for him to keel over, which was obviously going to happen, before they step in to help. Poor kid.