Wolf Reunion Is Adorably Unnerving

I really want to affirm how sweet and adorable this video is, it's just that each time I watch it, I notice that the wolves seem to materialize out of thin air like spirits of the wilderness. That's scary, and, yeah, their tail-wagging hello is really jaunty, but they also make some low, savage growls that domestic dogs don't make because domestic dogs aren't wild animals that could rip your face off given the right lunar circumstances. The moral of the story is wolves are dangerous and best left to experience via videos like this or t-shirts purchased at a premium from a zoo's overpriced gift shop.


via Buzzfeed



Low savage growls that domestic dogs don't make? You clearly haven't heard a huge German Shepherd! Our 90-lb. girl makes fierce growls when she is playing with her other Shepherd friends. And when she's mad? Her fur sticks up the same way and she sounds just like they do. She got into a fight once with a boxer that jumped into our yard one morning and it woke up the neighbors 6 houses down. And we aren't talking townhouses.