Got a Crisis on Your Hands? Get Help From a Professional Fixer

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Admit it: Something's wrong. Maybe you've got finance drama. Perhaps someone at work is making your life miserable. Or it could be that you accidentally sent an embarrassing email to your boss. Now what the hell are you going to do?


Sometimes a sticky situation arises — be it at work or in your social life — and even though you're an intelligent, capable human being, you just don't know how to handle it. You need a fixer. Just like on that TV show Scandal. As you may know, Scandal's fixer, Olivia Pope, is based on America's number one crisis management expert, Judy Smith. Ms. Smith is also the author of Good Self, Bad Self: Transforming Your Worst Qualities into Your Biggest Assets. And now she's bringing her considerable skills to Jezebel. No, really: One lucky reader will be privy to the same advice that celebrities receive. But first we need to pick a person in desperate need of help.

So what happened? You missed a deadline? You ruined a presentation? You accidentally insulted a friend? Your family is at each other's throats? Use the comment section, below, to tell us all about it. We'll comb through and pick one crisis for Ms. Smith to address. And if you don't have a crisis to tell us about, well, consider yourself lucky.

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I understand wanting to bounce ideas off of people whom you know/trust - it's par for the course of being human. But to have OTHER people "solve" YOUR problems? Is this the beginning of a big "not holding oneself culpable" wave?

Outside of the "ruined a presentation" example, of which could probably be remedied by tips from someone who gives them all the time, the other examples need to be dealt with personally, in an honest way.

Life is about making mistakes and figuring out FOR YOURSELF how to remedy as best one can. And not ALL mistakes can be fixed. That is one of the worst lies a person can tell themselves.