10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

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In this week's TV roundup, Jack is being transvaginal on 30 Rock, Zooey Deschanel and Apple products go together like Sundays and brunch, Zac Efron won't rest until he's removed the bras of every last woman in America and Game of Thrones gets another Skins alum.

1.) Liz tells Jack to stop being so intrusive and "transvaginal."
Can we make this a colloquialism already?


2.) Alex from The Glee Project makes his Glee debut in drag.
Can I make a confession? I could not stand Alex on The Glee Project because he was so mean and melodramatic all of the time. Regardless, he always killed it when he dressed in drag. Remember when he did Effie from Dreamgirls? Pretty fantastic.

Second confession: I watched all of The Glee Project.

3.) Wow, Cassie from Skins is now on Game of Thrones.
And she's joined by fellow Skins alum Joe Dempsie (A.K.A. Chris). Man, with these two doing GoT, Dev Patel in the upcoming Aaron Sorkin project Newsroom and Nicholas Hoult off making movies, the first generation is doing pretty well for themselves.


4.) Parks and Recreation is back.
We're all in love with Tom['s apartment]. And amenities.


5.) Jane Goodall and Jon Stewart hug it out like a couple of chimps.

In case you forgot between all of the red carpet condom dropping and that other time he proved he can take a ladies bra off, everyone would like to make it very clear that Zac Efron more than capable to enter the bone zone.


7.) Troy did not understand Inception.
Another great addition to Donald Glover's epic crying reel.


8.) Let's just embrace this whole Gotye thing.
But only if the "Somebody That I Used to Know" video is edited to permanently include Taran Killam and Andy Samberg.


9.) Speaking of moody male musicians, Bon Iver was on Ellen.
I know it's no longer cool to like Bon Iver, but I don't care. It's Friday, I'm sleepy and this song lets me imagine that I'm naping in a warm cabin full of woolen blankets.


10.) The Zooey Deschanel iPhone commercial is a-barf-able.
"Is that rain?" Use those peepers of yours to look out the goddamn window.


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Batista Thumbs Up

11) Daniel Bryan renames his finisher to fit his memetic chant. YES! YES! YES! YES!