Horrible John Edwards and Horrible Mistress No Longer Boning

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Ex-Presidential candidate and horrible person John Edwards and the mother of his extramarital daughter that he conceived while his wife was dying of cancer, ex-videographer and horrible person Rielle Hunter, have reportedly stopped making out in public, and this has led some local busybodies to conclude that they must have broken up. Just in time for the start of Edwards' trial for being a lying, philandering scumbag.


According to the New York Post, Edwards makes regular treks between his home to Hunter's home 120 miles away to visit his 4-year-old daughter Frances Quinn. But local gossips have noticed that while the frequency of Edwards' visits haven't diminished in recent months, there's been significantly less footsie-playing and making out and promises of Dave Matthews concert weddings of late. Servers at a family restaurant where the two once blissfully cavorted have noted that the two are civil to each other and both interact positively with their daughter, but that the love is largely gone.

Or maybe servers at family restaurants aren't the very greatest at gleaning the inner workings of a relationship based on how two people act in a booth.

The Post notes that Frances, the 4-year-old girl who is truly getting the short end of the stick in this horrible orgy of bad decisions, lives a relatively normal life despite the fact that her mother wears sunglasses during yoga class and doesn't have a job, and her father is the sort of selfish narcissist who endangered the Presidential election for his party in the name of his reputation and his penis.

Edwards is set to go on trial over the $1 million in campaign contributions he used to cover up the fact that he was sexing and impregnating Hunter (born with the much less mistressy name of "Lisa Jo Druck") during the 2008 election season (more like erection season/vomits all over self).

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You know, I would have to turn in my feminist card if I confessed all of the not-very-nice thoughts I have about Rielle Hunter. I mean, Edwards is a pig too, and I get that he was the married one, etc. But she bugs me so, so much, and she bugs me in a way that makes me disinclined to feel or show sisterhood.

I do feel really sorry for her daughter.