The Night Belongs to Sheena Easton

In honor of Sheena Easton's 53rd birthday, let's revisit this video from 1984, because it is perfect. That hair! That eye makeup! Those eyebrows! Those earrings! That picture frame that just smashes out of nowhere! (A few times!) And then Sheena starts pushing around video game machines...I'm feeling it.


Have a great night!


So, I am a male and I am curious to know everyone's thoughts on the word "panties."

I can't stand it; it makes me cringe every time I hear someone say it. Is it infantilizing? Can't you just say underwear? Or is it descriptive of a certain kind of underwear for women?

I am not sure why it bothers me so, but when I hear a grown man say it he becomes instantly creepy in my eyes, as if it's a sign of a sexual predator.

I am wondering because I was thinking of suggesting to a friend that he can just say underwear instead of panties. Yes, he says the word often enough that I want to fix him.