Good News: The 2012 Apocalypse Isn't Happening After All

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Phew. You guys, take a deep breath and release all the tension you've been storing in your neck about the upcoming apocalypse—because it ain't happening. Seriously? Yes. Archaeologists have just discovered a previously hidden mural inside an ancient Mayan house that offers insight into all kinds of things—like the inner working of Mayan society—but most importantly there are calculations all over the walls that show the Mayans predicting that time continued well beyond 12/21/2012. Well, isn't that convenient timing? Shall we all have a good laugh now about how even though we didn't really believe the apocalypse was going to happen in December part of us kind of did believe it was possible and was maybe going to buy some bottled water or cans of beans, just in case? Hahaha... Now we can move on with our lives with a fuller appreciation of what we came thisclose to losing. Also, the mural is pretty cool, so since you no longer have to rush around crossing items off your bucket list, you might want to take a gander at it.

Unprecedented Maya Mural Found, Contradicts 2012 "Doomsday" Myth [National Geographic]


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I always found the hysteria around this baffling. "The calendar ends with 2012. THE CALENDAR. ENDS. What do you THINK they thought was going to happen after that?!" "... they... were going to make a new calendar?"