Your Evening Cry: A Son Lovingly Describes His Mother's Final Moments

Filmmaker Shot at the Dark talked to a young man named Jason about the time he spent with his mother as she died following a heart attack. It was made in 2010, but it's well worth revisiting as Mother's Day comes to a close. From his incredibly eloquent description of something so painful, it's clear not only how much her death affected Jason but also how much her life shaped his. Prepare for your eyes to get extra misty.


[Via Buzzfeed]



One of the things I am so, so grateful for in my family is that my sister and I grew up with the notion that you never went to bed without telling your parents you loved them. Even if I were mad as hell at my mom or dad, I still told them I loved them when I kissed them goodnight, and they said it back to me. As I grew older, this continued, and even when I moved away and didn't see them every day, I still told them I loved them every time I called on the phone. My sister and I also made a point to tell our parents how much we appreciated their parenting, how much we had learned from them, what incredible influences they had been in our lives, how amazing we always thought they were. My dad died 5 years ago and I felt so bad for a long time that I couldn't remember whether or not I had told him I loved him the last time we talked on the phone (I was rushed and looking for my mom, who wasn't there). Until I voiced my sadness to my mom, who said "Honey, he knew you loved him, you told him all the time. I'm pretty sure that even if you were distracted, you told him you loved him. It is second nature for you." That made me feel so much better. And I still tell my mom I love and appreciate her all the time.

My favorite uncle was recently in the hospital. I love him fiercely but I had never felt comfortable saying it to him, since he has always been prickly about emotional stuff and never even liked hugs until recently. But when I called him, I managed to tell him in a casual way that I loved him, and he replied "likewise." I am so grateful that I got the courage to do it. I know he knows I love him but saying it out loud made ME feel better.