Sneak Peek at the Final Season of OG Teen Mom

Farrah, Maci, Catelynn, Tyler, Butch, Amber and Gary are all returning for one final season of the show that made them famous enough to attract the attention of CPS and rich enough for new tits. On the heels of the news that MTV will air Teen Mom 3, the network has announced that the fourth season of the original installment of the franchise will indeed be its last, despite reports that the franchise "continues to rank as Tuesday's #1 original cable series."


MTV hasn't revealed the reason for the show's cancellation, but speculation suggests it's in part due to Amber Portwood's mounting legal troubles. A two-month stint in jail following a drug arrest in December 2011 and subsequent stipulations of drug court case have prohibited cameras from following her since Thanksgiving 2011, while her cast mates were filming well into March 2012. Last month, Portwood was sued by a housing company for underestimating her income (by about $270,000) in order to qualify for government-subsidized housing. As of last week, Portwood is back in jail after violating terms of her drug court program, "falling short of fulfilling her obligations" while recuperating from an unspecified surgery.

In the brief time that she filmed, plenty of dramatic footage was captured on camera as seen in the trailer for the fourth and final season of the show, like her suicide attempt, decision to check into rehab, and her heartbreaking, CPS-regulated visitations with her daughter Leah, who is now old enough to tearfully cry out, "I need you!" to her mom.

As for the future of the rest of the cast, rumors have been circulating of possible spinoffs for Catelynn and Tyler and Farrah. The final season of Teen Mom premieres on June 12.



I always thought it telling that the couple who made the choice to give up their child to adoption is the couple who seems to have their life together and act the most mature. Regardless of the fucked up choices their parents made, Catelynn and Tyler are good, smart kids.