Abortion Fund Hotline Worker Helps You Combat Annoying Anti-Choice Myths

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RH Reality Check's Jessica Mack recently completed her first shift as a hotline advocate for the CAIR Project, a volunteer-run non-profit abortion fund that provides financial help to women seeking abortions, and wrote a piece debunking a few oft-repeated abortion myths (If a woman can't afford an abortion, it's her own fault, amirite?!?) in the context of her experience.

"Spend a week on an abortion fund hot-line and you will awaken to the reality of abortion and economics, and believe me, it's not what you might think," Mack writes. You may want to consider passive-aggressively sending her post to those Facebook friends we all have who think women who need help paying for their abortions are "gold diggers," or that abortion clinics are only in it for the money. You're welcome.

What One Week on an Abortion Fund Hotline Taught Me About the Economics of Stigma [RHRC]


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