A Clever Plan to Breed White Ladies Out of Existence

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I'd like to take this moment to thank Men's Rights Activists for filling my cold black heart with delirious glee every time they come up with a new dumb idea. The newest one? White dudes, tired of the uppity bitchiness of western women, should marry a smiling, submissive brown lady, like the kind that wear banana necklaces in those racist pre-1960 cartoons that they're not allowed to show on TV anymore. This will not only assure that the Men's Rights Activist will be afforded the unquestioning adoration he's owed, but also that — with a little time and patience — white ladies and their corresponding demands will die out, too. There's no way this can't work.


The plan was hatched by a genius dude who I'm sure is terribly sexy who posted a comment on a Men's Rights blog informing his chinless brethren that the western world is infected with rampant lady dominance.

I had one perceptive African friend who lived in Czech Republic for many years. He put the problem very succinctly: He said, "white women are too strong for the men." He said this when referring to Russian, Eastern European, Canadian, and American Women. What he left out was that not only are they too strong for the men, they have the government behind them, thus making them stronger, and they have no morals.

Pretty serious charges against western ladyfolk. No morals? Terrifying strength? Are you sure he's talking about humans and not female Replicants?

He goes on to explain that there seems to be a lot more man-hating and divorce (which is a form of man-hating, or at least it was in the case of his battleaxe of an ex wife) in countries where the skin is whiter, the governments are secular, and women have legal rights. Ergo, there must be something woven into the very threads of European, Canadian, and American DNA which compels the women to act like independent entities that don't live to serve their husbands, I Dream of Jeannie-style. This cannot stand. Female independence is ruining everything, causing problems like divorce and overentitled beta males being sad. His solution? Marry a woman who isn't white and move to her country, where you'll be treated like a king for being a dude and for being white, and hopefully avoid getting one of those "developing nation" diseases that seem to inflict populations with theocratic governments and antiquated views on science and the role of women!

My point is this: I maintain the best wife for a white man is someone darker skinned then he is. I maintain that the best culture for the white man and his wife is a man-friendly culture. For example, a white man and Mexican woman living in Mexico; a white man and Thai Woman living in Thailand; a white man and a Morracan Woman, living in Morraco; a white man and Turkish Woman, living in Turkey. This strategy neutralizes the light-skinned genes, and at the same time neutralizes the cultural influences

I guess this argument assumes that 1. the submissive, superior brown ladies of an MRA's dreams have any interest in marrying a guy who is only interested in their culture inasmuch as it views him as superior to her, and 2. that his barging into a theocratic country acting like he should own the joint won't result in his getting punched right in the nose or kidnapped.

Western white lady bitchiness isn't your fault, western white ladies. You're a bitch by design. But that doesn't mean that you should continue to suffer or be alone forever.

So who is the best man for the white woman living in the West? Quite simply, no man; or another woman. Very few men in the West will be able to satify [sic] Western White Women. These women need to be bred out of existence.

We as men can speed the extinction of Western White Women by encouraging them to pursue the single life or to pursue another woman as a spouse (lesbianism). We can do this actively and passively. Actively by outright encouragement, and passively by never giving a Western Woman access to our sperm, money, or time.


So stop knocking down this guy's door begging for his sperm, okay? He's not dishing it out to demanding cunts anymore! His sperm is for distribution in pre-industrial economies only!

Unaddressed is the fact that if white men were to all marry Thai women or whatever and then attempt to "breed" white women out of existence, there exists a very distinct possibility that many of the results of the white guy/brown lady pairing would be daughters that contained her father's white genes, which means that the only way to truly breed white people out of existence is for men's rights activists to get vasectomies and never, ever have any children with anyone.


But for now, let's bask in the stupidity and abject obliviousness of every aspect of this argument. Shine on, you glittering racist diamond.




Some of the strongest women I've ever met have been black or Hispanic. And, Jesus Christ, one of my best friends from back when I used to live in America married a Pakistani woman and she fucking owns his ass.

Now that I think about it - overall my white female friends seem a shitload more submissive to their partners than my Black, Hispanic or Asian friends.

(Note: there are exceptions to this. This is not a rule. It is a generalization.)