Channing Tatum Chaperoned Matthew McConaughey's First Trip to a Male Strip Show

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The new issue of Entertainment Weekly is devoted to beefcake abfest Magic Mike — which hits theaters June 29 — and apparently the Channing Tatum cover has labial folds flaps which readers "strip", aka spread open, to reveal the rest of the cast. In a video at, former male stripper Tatum talks about taking Matthew McConaughey to his first male strip show. Tatum and McConaughey chatted with the guys before the show, and McConaughey says, "I never thought the guys we were talking to were going to be the guys on stage… [One guy had] four kids at home, one guy just got back out of the military—" "One guy was an attorney," Tatum chimes in. Then they tell the story about how, during a scene for Magic Mike, the extras in the audience ripped off McConaughey's thong.


BTW, Joe Manganiello — arguably the beefiest and the ab-iest of them all — confesses: "When I came in for a meeting with the casting director, she hadn't seen True Blood. So she said, 'Are you going to be comfortable with partial nudity?' And I go, 'Have you seen my show? I'm the poster child for that.'"

Surely we'll talk about this more when the movie comes out, but it's interesting how novel and notable it is to see male actors being overtly sexy — wearing revealing clothing, showing off skin, posing provocatively. For a female actor that's just a regular magazine photo shoot.

EW made a behind-the-scenes video, but be warned: It's the least sexy thing ever created.



I'm judging anyone who goes to see this movie. So hard.