Cat Stench at Cat Lady’s House Gets So Bad It Sets Off the Smoke Detector

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It's been a bad week for cat ladies in the news. First, a woman in Israel made headlines when her husband left her after she chose her 550 cats over him, and now a woman in New Jersey has raised (or rather lowered) the bar in the sad field of cat hoarding. In what has to be a cat lady first, it appears that the stench of dozens of decomposing cat bodies set off the fire alarm at the home of 65-year-old woman in Monmouth, New Jersey. The fire department responded to the alarm at the three-story house but found no flames. What they did find—to their great horror, no doubt—were the bodies of 36 cats in various states of decomposition. Ohhh no. That is the saddest possible ending to any cat hoarding story. May those little felines rest in peace for eternity on the big cat bed in the sky. As for their owner/captor, it's not clear whether there were any cats still living in the house, but the police chief says it's expected that the woman will be charged with animal cruelty and be given other citations.

Stench Of 36 Dead Cats May Have Set Off Fire Alarm At Home Of New Jersey Cat Lady [Village Voice]


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So do these people live places that don't have restrictions on the number of animals you can own? I just don't know how you can have that many animals and not have anyone know and call the city.