Proud Amercian Mitt Romney Invites Voters to take a 'Sneak-Peak' at Pathological Spelling Problem

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After the Romney campaign released an iPhone ap that allowed users to superimpose "A BETTER AMERCIA" over pictures of things like dogs tied to roofs of cars or gay kids with gay haircuts, one would think that the GOP Presidential nominee would make sure its digital i's were dotted and t's crossed. But Mitt Romney is not one to question American spelling exceptionalism; he's a bold, decisive leader for the teenaged century. Which is why, I suppose, it was only a matter of time before the campaign released another misspelled thing.


Yesterday, on the Republican's Facebook page, fans and foes were invited to catch a glimpse of a TV commercial before it aired. A "sneak-peak" if you will. You know, like an undercover mountain.

The Romney campaign officially has a typo problem.

I write a bajillion things a day, and I don't always catch every misused homonym or skipped word or subject-verb disagreement — looking stupid is an occupational hazard of blogging. But when you're creating a banner ad-like feature for a fucking Presidential candidate's social media presence, you'd think accuracy would be at a bit more of a premium than in a one-off blog post of dick jokes.



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I take a medication for migraines that makes me forget words - I just lose them and can't find them when I want them - and I swear it is killing my spelling too. I am one of Those Grammar People, usually, but I have been having the hardest time keeping my "looses" and "loses" straight, and the letter "c" keeps swapping places with "s" when I type. When I was on a higher dose I actually started mixing up things like "our" and "or." In conclusion, I had a hard time with this article.