Skinny Bitch Diet Book to Be Inexplicably Turned Into Novel

Illustration for article titled iSkinny Bitch/i Diet Book to Be Inexplicably Turned Into Novel

How do you fictionalize a diet book? Well, we'll find out soon enough since Kim Barnouin, co-author of the bestselling Skinny Bitch diet series that turned into a mini-empire, just scored a book deal for her debut novel Skinny Bitch in Love. The story will follow a vegan chef who broke up with her boyfriend and then gets another boyfriend except he eats meat. Hopefully he'll eat her too. Probably not, though.

Deals of the Week [Publishers Weekly]

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Long-term vegan says: I have never understood the hype for this book. Painful to read, furthers the perception that vegans are self-righteous, judgemental assholes, and the recipes themselves were crap. (If memory serves, the "recipe" for a chef's salad consisted of iceburg lettuce with a shit-ton of fake meats and cheeses added on top - barely qualified as a recipe and, oh, the nutritional wasteland...)

Believe me when I say that - PETA and the "Skinny Bitch" franchise be damned - not all of us veggies are horrible people. I promise.