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Lost Dog Waits Patiently for Two Days at Rest Stop Until His Owner Finds Him

Illustration for article titled Lost Dog Waits Patiently for Two Days at Rest Stop Until His Owner Finds Him

Are you ready to have your heartstrings pulled so tight they might pop clean off and leave your heart floating unmoored in your chest? Here goes: a little 9-month-old Yorkie named Rambo got separated from his owner at a rest stop in Missouri, and rather than dart off into the night in search of a more exciting life, like something in a Disney movie, the little guy stayed put for two days—TWO WHOLE DAYS—until his owner returned to fetch him. Talk about trust and loyalty. I'll just sit right here because I know he'll be back for me!


Rambo, whose cute little face you can gawk at here, normally rides in the cab of his owner Michael Siau's truck. When Siau stopped at the Hannibal, Missouri, rest stop to stretch his legs, Rambo somehow slipped out without him noticing. He got back on the road and made it all the way to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, before he realized Rambo wasn't in the truck. He assumed he'd been sleeping in the back the whole time. Talk about your worst nightmare.

Siau, who says he was sobbing after he thought Rambo was lost, figured the rest stop was the likely place where Rambo had gotten waylaid, but he called police in the wrong town for two days by accident before he realized his mistake. Once he got in touch with the Hannibal Animal Unit, it only took them three hours to locate Rambo, who they found "sitting patiently at the rest stop waiting for him." Are you making the eeeooeeaaahhnnkuuaannk squeal like an old dial-up modem yet? Rambo and Siau have now been reunited, and one imagines that Siau will not be letting wily Rambo out of his sight any time soon—though at least he knows, should he ever misplace Rambo again, that he'll be waiting right where he was left.


Loyal dog waits 2 days at rest stop for trucker's return [USA Today]

Image via Miguel Angel Salinas Salinas/Shutterstock.

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When these types of stories come out I always think of Seymour.