Even Though We Know Better, We Can't Stop Sexting

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OMG, America. Apparently we have learned nothing from all of the recent sexting incidents and scandals because a new survey has found that nearly 1 in 5 smartphone owners say they've used it for sexting. The biggest sextual messengers were men between the ages of 18 to 34 and women between 35 and 44. And in case you thought your parents did not know how to sext, think again: One in 10 smartphone owners over 55 say they've done it, and 30 percent of parents with kids under 18 also said they're sexting aficionados. What's the emoticon for covering your bleeding eyes and plugging your ears at the same time? Well, in any case, that should be enough to keep you from ever touching your parent's phone again, and perhaps next time you feel the urge to sext, you should just picture your parents doing it and the thrill will immediately drain away.

Nearly 1 in 5 smartphone users are sexting [MSNBC]

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I used to work in a one-hour photo lab long before cell phone cameras. I saw plenty of homemade porn, and it was all middle-aged married couples. Usually the women brought the film in.

There was one time where a lady brought in a roll she was anxious to develop because, she said, her husband was away and she missed him so much, she couldn't wait for the overnight service to develop this roll of film she had.

"How romantic", 19 year old me sighed. Then I developed the roll of film, which was mostly close-ups of a man's butthole.

Takes all kinds!