Disney Breaks the Heart of a Living Tinkerbell

All 15-year-old April Spielman wanted to do was dress up as Tinkerbell and go to Disney's Animal Kingdom with her boyfriend (who bears a startingly resemblance to Peter Pan). She spent hours getting herself into a meticulously crafted Tinkerbell costume, and she was so excited and then... She got stopped at the front gate because she looked "too good." Disney apparently doesn't allow people in if they look too much like Disney characters because it confuses the children—they might think they're meeting the REAL Tinkerbell instead of some knock-off. Park officials gave her clothes to change into so she could go into the park, but without her costume the experience was ruined. A tearful April said, "They were talking about how little girls it ruins their dreams, but it ruined my dreams, because I just wanted to be Tinkerbell." Oh, April, you'll always be Tinkerbell to us.

[Via Buzzfeed]

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Isn't 15 a bit old to be pretending to be Tinkerbell? Also, it's not like the fact that Disney is super strict about protecting its brand is news.

ETA - After actually watching the video...ugh. No sympathy for this whiny entitled brat at all.

Here's a free clue from a much better movie - "Life is pain, princess".