Georgina Bloomberg Offers a Sensible Take on Her Father’s NYC Soda Ban

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No big soda? Like, forever? If you live in New York under the merciless reign of the soft drink despot Michael Bloomberg, odds are you probably asked yourself those very same questions before strongly considering moving underground to join the ranks of the subway tunnel mole people, who let their citizens drink all the cockroach soda they can get their moon-pale hands on. Thankfully, Bloomberg's 29-year-old daughter Georgina doesn't believe in her father's philosophy of negative reinforcement, which is lucky for all the Gothamites who like their soda 32-ounces at a time, since Georgina will one day inherit the throne of New York just as soon as her father adds a succession principle to the city's mayoral term limits.

Rather than punish soda gulpers by banning their favorite beverage size, Georgina told New York Magazine that her father ought to implement a more "market-based" strategy. "Ideally," she said, "he would lower the cost of healthy food instead of banning unhealthy food. If people were able to afford to eat nutritious food, I think they would make better choices." Though Georgina thinks her father's doing something that the wretched soda-drinking masses of New York will "thank him for in twenty years," she insists that it's just not fair to take away someone's ability to make bad decisions.

Georgina Bloomberg on Soda Ban: ‘People Should Be Allowed to Make Their Own Bad Choices [NY Mag]

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All of the people that I have known or currently know who drink soda regularly (several times a day) are incredibly unhealthy. I don't put all the blame on soda but it does it's part to damage health in a big way. People need to make their own choices and stop acting like children. Unfortunately, with so many acting like children, I sort of agree with Bloomberg. I also agree with the smoking ban. Maybe it's because I have watched a few people I love die from smoking related illness. It's horrific.