Nuns Protesting Republican Budget Should be Pistol Whipped, Says Radio Jackass

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The problem with the phrase "War on Women" is that most people wouldn't actually consider something a war until someone gets shot or blown up. But if you ask one conservative radio host, the current political moment wouldn't be complete without some good old fashioned pistol whipping of nuns who think Paul Ryan's a bad Catholic. That's not hyperbole — a guy actually said that.


The charmer behind the Pistol Whip the Nuns Decree is Jan Mickelson, host of WHO's Mickelson in the Morning who had Republican Iowa Representative Tom Latham as a guest on his show last week. The two He Man Woman Haters were talking about hullabaloo around Paul Ryan's budget plan, which the non-partisan Center for Budget and Policy Priorities found would disproportionately impact low income Americans in the name of giving giant tax breaks to rich people, a move that American nuns are calling out for being blatantly, nakedly anti-social justice. The nuns, emboldened by a swell in public support following their face off with the Vatican, are embarking on a bus tour to Washington, where they'll protest Paul Ryan's budget and the impact it would have on low income Americans.

Mickelson doesn't like this at all and would like to put a stop to it. In much the same way that someone might ask if there's any way to get rid of potato bugs, he casually asked Rep. Latham if there was any way to stop them. "Do you guys, do you have any power to pull the nuns on the bus over and pistol whip them?" the radio host asked the Congressman. "It's always fun to be on your show!" replied Latham, and the two men laughed and laughed. What fun!

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What. A. Dick.

Though I do find it interesting that Jezebel uses one article to defend nuns and another one to make fun of a Christian-friendly iPad.