This Is What Vaginal Odor Looks Like, and It's Not Pretty

Everyone knows that it is our womanly duty to keep our lady area smelling fresh and feminine at all times. So it's quite helpful of this Malaysian ad for pads to remind us that vaginal odors are disgusting creatures that need to be fought off with a fierceness. According to Copyranter, the little monster is supposed to represent a fruit called a durian, which Wikipedia describes as smelling like "pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock." Delightful. We really are so disgusting it really is a MIRACLE that anyone wants to come near us... Anyway, luckily Libresse is here to help! With green tea? A substance that also smells kind of strange and not necessarily very good either. Or you could skip this scented pad business altogether and, you know, just let your vagina smell the way God intended it to: like a beautiful cave filled with secret lady scents and steaming womanly juices.


Ugh... I hate my stank enough in the heat of the summer without an ad helping me visualize lady smells as even worse.

So, true confessional and question for the ladies here: Have you found that your smell and the intensity of it changes with age? Lately I'm switching out underwear and washing midday just because the heat does bad things down there. Wondering if it's just because I've gotten older.