Katie Holmes Goes Out in Public to Film Project Runway

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Yesterday, Katie Holmes left her Scientologist-besieged home for the first time since filing for divorce from Tom Cruise. What urgent task demanded her presence? Why, she had to go tape an episode of Project Runway: All Stars, where she guest-judged the contestants' creations without her wedding ring. [THR]
"She did great," fellow judge Isaac Mizrahi told People. [People]


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According to Cathy Horyn, Karl Lagerfeld is naming a handbag after his cat, Choupette. [@CathyHorynNYT]

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Raf Simons' first women's wear collection for Christian Dior — the couture collection he presented yesterday — is earning plenty of plaudits in the press. Perhaps most notably, Women's Wear Daily called it a "dream come true":

In one of the most highly anticipated designer debuts ever, Simons catapulted the house of Dior into a new, vibrant era just as John Galliano did before him. Two-thousand-twelve seems a different world than 1997, today's world one in which serious couture-hungry markets have exploded in far-off places, flush with customers interested not only in statement eveningwear but clothes for less demonstrative moments. Simons covered both exquisitely, with confidence, high chic and, most importantly, the sharp modernity essential if Dior is to regain its position among the houses that drive fashion — as well as in its rivalry with Chanel for megaluxury-brand superiority. After the show, Arnault called his yearlong designer search worth the wait. "I didn't want to rush," he said. "It was really a question of choosing the best person for the job, and he stood head and shoulders above the rest: the greatest talent of the moment for Dior, the greatest house in the world."



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Vanessa Axente and Mackenzie Drazan ride a broken-down penny farthing and play on a swing set for the new cover of Vogue Italia. Neither is under 16, which means Vogue Italia is in compliance with the new Vogue Health Initiative rules regarding underaged models, but both started working internationally at age 14 — Axente in Singapore and Hong Kong, and Drazan in Paris. [FashionCopious]

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Georgia May Jagger shot the new ads for Madonna and Lourdes' clothing line, Material Girl, backstage during rehearsals for Madonna's current world tour. "I spent a lot of my childhood backstage hanging out around amps," said Jagger in a press release. "That was where we chilled when we were younger. So this photo shoot brought back a lot of memories." Material Girl seems to be developing a daughters-of-rock-stars theme: every "face" of the brand barring the first, Taylor Momsen, has been the offspring some famous musician. [Telegraph]

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Victoria Beckham seems to be enjoying her new Muscle Man Marc doll — the $125 action figure based on the South Park character based on Marc Jacobs. [@VictoriaBeckham]

  • Ralph Lauren, who is 72, signed a new five-year contract with the company he founded. [WWD]

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's late arrival held up the Stéphane Rolland couture show by an hour. The designer eventually started the show without them, only for Kimye to show up just before the finale. They were rushed to front-row seats. [@WWD]

    The first-ever Australian Indigenous Fashion Week is set to take place this September and will feature the work of around 30 Aboriginal designers and artists. [WWD]

    Brazilian model Aline Weber says that shooting a Kanye West video for Anja Rubik's sex-ay magazine, 25, was "really crazy. I had vampire teeth and a Jesus crown. Then there was this beautiful Asian girl who's a professional nudist. She's pretty much naked in the video except for this snake." [WWD]

    A Telegraph reporter went to interview Elle MacPherson and found her to be somewhat cold. That MacPherson isn't "nice," for whatever that's worth, is pretty widely known, but what's weird is that in the reporter's own telling, MacPherson actually does seem personable, patient, intelligent, and gracious — albeit given to speaking in generalities. So when exchanges like this happen when the reporter tries to get the supermodel to talk about her personal life:

    But she won't talk about any of that. 'You have to ask, but I don't have to answer.' I think I am tantalisingly close at one point when she starts talking about the changing face of fashion, mentioning, unprompted, her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, in a monologue that goes like this:

    'I think it [fashion] is way more accessible now, that there is an overlap in film and music that we haven't seen before. You have actresses being models, and models being actresses, which is a new thing. Rihanna is now a fashion icon. And fashion and film are so intertwined now — I mean, look at how Uma Thurman's character in Pulp Fiction influenced style…'

    So it seems a little bit churlish of her to get haughty when I mention that she mentioned Thurman.

    'I referred to Uma as an iconic example of film and fashion coming together,' she says curtly, 'and not in regards to my personal life.'

    It comes off very differently than the reporter intended.

    Ivanka Trump is adding a sunglass line to her collection of licensed apparel and accessories. [WWD]

    And Selena Gomez is collaborating on a line of nail polish colors with Nicole by OPI. [HL]

    Jon Bon Jovi will be the face of not one but two Avon scents for men this fall. [WWD]

    The owner of Pier 59 Studios, one of the largest photographic studios in New York, seems to be trying to get his competitors in trouble with the city's Buildings Department. He commissioned a study that found rival studios including Milk (which, like Pier 59, is also used as a fashion show venue), the Highline Stages, Splashlight, Skylight, and Spring Studios, had out-of-date occupancy permits and other alleged violations. The city is reportedly investigating. [NYPost]

    And now, a moment with Maiyet co-founder (and former human-rights lawyer, and former executive secretary of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission) Paul van Zyl. Maiyet's sourcing aims to foster the economies of countries as diverse as Kenya and Indonesia by supporting local artisans — and selling $2,400 gold necklaces and $1250 leather clutch purses at Barneys to make "at least a five-time return on investment" for the hedge funds and venture capitalists who have invested in the brand. Paul, is it possible to do good and do well?

    "If you want to make Kenyan workers more money for the hour that they work, you have to be a very successful brand...We want to be a globally recognized brand that has a valuation significantly north of $100 million. And we want to demonstrate that you can do extraordinarily well and inspire people and give them beautiful products — and, simultaneously, do good in the world. That's not for small, quirky philanthropic brands to do. It's mainstream, super-successful companies that are perfectly capable of embedding it in what they do, not as a giveaway."

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