Chantal Sutherland Becomes First Lady Jockey Ever to Win the Hollywood Gold Cup

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On Saturday, Chantal Sutherland became the first female jockey to win the Hollywood Gold Cup in the race's 73-year history. Hooray! Sutherland successfully piggybacked on an exceptionally swift-footed quadruped named Game On Dude, earning a cool half million in prize money and a chance to compete in the $5 million Breeders' Cup Classic in November. According to the AP, Sutherland's return to the Breeders' Cup on Game On Dude's sinewy shoulders will offer her the chance to even the score with her ex fiance, Mike Smith, and Drosselmeyer, his trusty — but probably conceited and overconfident — steed. If that isn't enough TV-movie drama for you, add to the spousal showdown the fact that Game On Dude's trainer Bob Baffert recently suffered a heart attack at the Dubai World Cup and bam, this is Million Dollar Baby on four legs, minus a freak accident.


Game On Dude makes Sutherland 1st female jockey to win Hollywood Gold Cup [AP via WaPo]

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Aww awesome. I've been keeping an eye on Chantal since she was on Jockeys a few years back. I really admire her for telling Mike Smith where to stuff it when he kept wanting her to quit racing and have babies with him. She obviously loves racing and has been at the peak of her career these last few years. I hope she does get to have a family someday since she seems to want one, but she was right in saying it's unfair that in order to have that she'd have to retire.