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Police Sketch of Christian Grey From Fifty Shades May Look Vaguely Familiar

Illustration for article titled Police Sketch of Christian Grey From emFifty Shades/em May Look Vaguely Familiar

Using the same software cops turn to to catch criminals, Dr. Faye Skelton has created a virtual portrait of Christian Grey, the bossy BDSM-obsessed billionaire with food issues at the heart of Fifty Shades of Grey. Dr. Skelton used descriptions from 12 female readers to assemble he image, which she did for "just a bit of fun." And she admits: "It's not the image I have of him in my head, but he's very good looking nonetheless."


So, this dude has Brad Pitt's hair, Patrick Dempsey's eyes, David Beckham's face shape, Chris Hemsworth's nose and Ryan Reynolds' lips. With some Channing Tatum, Steve McQueen, Johnny Depp, and Val Kilmer thrown in. Yet! Instead of looking like the sex god E.L. James described in the book that has, to date, sold 20 million copies (meaning in six months, James has earned $50 million), dude looks kind of like the bartender down the street. Vaguely familiar, not unattractive, but not really your dream man. Some folks are saying that the best interpretation of Christian Grey would be hot, sexy, bright-eyed male model David Gandy. As Ana would say, Wow. Oh Jeez.

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