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Hope Solo Says that the Olympic Village Is Just a Giant, Booze-Fueled Orgy for Super Fit People

Illustration for article titled Hope Solo Says that the Olympic Village Is Just a Giant, Booze-Fueled Orgy for Super Fit People

Here's yet another reason to get excited about the fast-approaching summer games: the Olympic Village, according to one Olympian, is really just a "frat party with a really nice gene pool," filled with people who can probably do all crazy kinds of sex tricks with their nimble bodies.


In an interview for ESPN Magazine's very naked "Body Issue," Solo talks about the general debauchery that takes place between heated competitions at the Olympics, from marathon drinking bouts to random hookups right out in the middle of the Olympic Village quad. Solo explains the logic behind these hookups thusly:

Unlike at a bar, it's not awkward to strike up a conversation because you have something in common. It starts with, 'What sport do you play?' All of a sudden, you're fist-bumping.


That actually makes a lot of sense. With all that adrenaline coursing through their finely-tuned bodies, who can blame Olympians for wanting to do it with each other all the time? Besides, who else are they going to commiserate with about having their dreams shattered by one one hundredth of a second? Some normie? I think not.

Solo also shared an anecdote about showing up wasted for a Today show interview with the rest of the gold-medal winning 2008 U.S. women's soccer team. "When we were done partying," she said of the team's post-victory fete, "We got out of our nice dresses, got back into our stadium coats and, at 7 a.m. with no sleep, went on the Today show drunk. Needless to say, we looked like hell." She also alluded to partying with Vince Vaughn and hooking up with a mystery celebrity back in 2008, a rendezvous she says is her "Olympic secret."

Hope Solo: Olympians train hard but party harder [NYDN]

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Joseph Finn

I've heard in various places that curlers are the biggest partiers at either Olympics.