Woman Meets Fifty Shades Author, Loses Her Shit

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Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James is at Comic Con because her book is a graphic novel (heh, get it?) and because why not? According to a reporter for the AP, "Lola De La Cruz cried when she met author E L James." Why?

"The relationship that's in the book is something that I've always wanted and haven't gotten in previous relationships, so it kind of gave me that hope that there's something still out there," she said as she wiped away tears after meeting James Thursday at the pop-culture convention. "It brought me back to life, so to speak."


[AP via WaPo]

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Eh... it's not my cuppa. I read the original Twilight fanfiction when I first heard about the book and I think I made it better than halfway through before I lost interest. Did I think it was boring and poorly written? Sure, but hell, who the hell am I to tell someone else that they can't ignore it? If this lady read the book and genuinely got something of worth out of it for herself personally, then that's all that matters.

... it does make me a little sad to read quotes like that, though. It reminds me of the time when I looked up reviews for one of those his/hers lube combos that supposedly enhance sensation, expecting to find a lot of funny anecdotes, and instead it was just... depressing. Women so desperate to get ANYTHING out of their sex life they were literally burning through these products left and right. It was kind of heartbreaking. One woman said something like, "I waited with this to arrive and my husband and I were so excited to try it... when I still couldn't feel anything, no matter what we tried, I just started crying because I realised that there must just be something wrong with me and I'll never get to experience what other women do." It was just really sobering to realise that intimate things the rest of us take for granted or even laugh off can be so, so serious for other people. If Lola found some sort of hope for fulfillment based on what SHE wants in this book, well, best of luck sister. I hope you get what you need.