A Cougar Dating Site for Mother Fuckers?

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Oh god, the cougar thing again. Dating website Cougar Life has recently published a photo of a billboard that they have allegedly erected on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood that reads "CougarLife.com: For Mother Fuckers." There has been some speculation of the advertisement's realness seeing as the only photos published of the billboard thus far have been released (with pixelation) by the website itself.


Cougar Life is a dating website for women ages 35-65 who are interested in younger men or, as the website itself puts it, divorcees, single moms or sexy singles "looking for a young cub." While this may sound like the last thing any of us would want to be involved in (the first rule of Cougar Life is you don't talk about Cougar Life — see you at the next mixer), the site's head of cougar relations Cindy Rocker (yes, that's her title and, yes, that's her name) claims that the area of Los Angeles in which the billboard is said to be posted has "more cougars per capita of any other zip code."

We can assume Rocker's statistic is based on site enrollment rather than the more complicated capture-tag-release method used in the wild.


Sexy Cougar Billboard Over Sunset Boulevard Turns Heads (Allegedly): PHOTO [LA Weekly]
Image via Cougar Life.

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I can't even get up in arms over this one...