10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

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In this week's TV roundup, a woman becomes a professional snuggler, The Newsroom is still condescending, there's a real creeper on The Virgin Diaries and The Bad Girls Club explains dolphin rape.

1.) Need a cuddle? There are professionals for that.
Meet Jackie Samuel. She believes the world would be a better place if we all took more time out for a good snuggle. She also needs money. Thus, the Snuggery, a business where, for $60 per hour, Jackie will snuggle you herself, was born. She is still struggling to pay the bills.


2.) The end is here — this is Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson's final commercial for Major League Baseball.
And with that, so goes my only investment in America's favorite pastime.

3.) Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul proposed to his fiancee after only two months of dating.
As long as she doesn't get him into heroin, then I guess it's all good.


4.) Not all adult virgins are creepers living in their parents basements, but Skippy certainly is.
TLC's overwhelmingly stigmatizing, but endlessly entertaining The Virgin Diaries returned this week with all new subjects for us to gawk at. One of these subjects was Skippy, a 35-year-old Mormon virgin who lives with his parents (his mother comes out with him to act as his "wing mom") and is a total asshole. Whenever he encounters a girl, he relentlessly begs her to makeout with him (promising her one of his very real "I MADE OUT WITH SKIPPY" t-shirts if she does) and constantly corners and forces her into unwanted physical contact.


Stay a virgin, Skip. Stay a virgin forever.

5.) Anne-Marie Slaughter, she of The Atlantic's Why Women Still Can't Have It All article, sits down with Stephen Colbert.
"Here's how I can prove you're a good mother," says Stephen, holding up a photo of Slaughter with her two boys. "Neither of them look like they want to be in the picture."


6.) A not-so-choice ramble on The Choice.
Motorcycles. Boating. Butterflies. Okay, I think I get what she's trying to say.


7.) Whoops, The Newsroom hasn't gotten any less sexist.
Will continues on his "civilizing mission," this time by directing his condescension toward women's careers, their interests and how they protect themselves from rapists. How can a show manage to be offensive and boring at the same time?


8.) Our boyfriend Paul Rudd was on Comedy Bang! Bang!
Reference! Paul Rudd's adorable face!


9.) The Today Show gets more than they bargained for when covering a London aerial show.
Looks like fun!


10.) This is just a good description of dolphin gang rape.
No one expects the cast of Bad Girls Club: Mexico to be geniuses, especially when it comes to zoology, so imagine our surprise when they ended up being super geniuses.

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The Snuggery girl seems very sweet, but I would not want to snuggle with a stranger.