Watch Young Tom Hardy Win a Modeling Contest Despite His Headband and Wispy Mustache

Tom Hardy was super-casual about winning this modelling contest in 1998, which somehow makes it seem like headbands for dudes are really going to happen, especially if they imbue their wearers with Tom Hardy's sense of serene self-confidence. Who knew that this witty young man and his downy mustache would one day wear a vagina mask that made him sound like an evil, nasally Sean Connery?

via Filmdrunk

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aflutter. it's like i'm 14 again.

ps. I have had one (and only one[truly, ask all my journals])really long celebrity crush since I was a weeteen, but Hardy knocked that guy way the hell outta the park, with just one Bronson. Good Bye Julian Sands, Helllllo Hardy!