Watch Dan Savage Debate the President of the National Organization for Marriage at his Own Dinner Table

Savage Love author and creator of the It Gets Better project Dan Savage recently invited Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, over to his home for dinner with him and his husband. The meal was followed by a good ol' fashioned, formal debate on gay marriage. Brown surprisingly accepted the invitation and, with the help of moderator and New York Times author Mark Oppenheimer, the Dinner Table Debate was on.

Both parties remained remarkably controlled throughout the discussion — a testament to their civility, we suppose. But it's nothing short of miracle that at no point throughout the hour-long conversation did Dan Savage flip over the table, scream-sputtering things like, "BASIC CIVIL RIGHTS! SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE! GAH!"

[Dinner Table Debate]

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I really want to say that video made me feel energized, or even like anything was accomplished.

But instead I think it confirmed some of my worst fears. The part near the end (spoiler alert!) where the guy from NOM basically admits that no amount of evidence, in any form, will change his central belief that marriage is a biblically mandated threeway between a man, a woman and God, I find deeply depressing. Opinion can be swayed, but belief or faith? Not a great track record for that so far.

One of those two guys is going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future, and from where I'm sitting it ain't Dan Savage.