Ohio State Fans Kick Off Football Season With Horrible Shirt Mocking Penn State Victims

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Listen: I'm a Michigan alum and a card-carrying member of the cult of Big House football. And I've talked plenty of shit about Ohio State for no real reason other than that's just what you do. I can't intellectually defend any of it; it's just silly and a long-standing but ultimately meaningless tradition. Point is, I get it. I get that Ann Arbor is a whore and friends don't let friends live in Ohio. I get football humor and I take part in football humor. We hurl these insults at one another because it's college and it's all stupid fun and benign nonsense.


Except for when it's not, like now, with this very special Ohio State garment (found on Facebook but ultimately of unknown provenance). This fine t-shirt features the usual rivalry jibberish — par for the course — but with an exciting twist: It's at the expense of the young men who were sexually assaulted by Jerry Sandusky. Because they haven't had a hard enough time as is? You can almost hear the bro who made this crap (and is selling it, and I'm sure some awful twits are actually buying it) defend its existence: But, dude, this year both the Wolverines AND the Nittany Lions suck! Two birds, one super-classy stone. Child rape is a hoot.

I think we can assume this lovely apparel is not official Ohio State gear, and to be fair, Ohio State fans are not the only ones guilty of producing such crap; LSU's got a similar t-shirt too. Which is great, really. By putting your cruelty and ignorance on such obvious display, emblazoned across your chest, it helps the rest of the world to quickly discern that you are a person who is to be avoided at all costs. So thanks, I guess, for saving folks some time.

Update: An OSU alum has started a petition to get this thing off the shelves.

Update #2: Horrid Wolverine fans have responded in kind with their own version of the shirt. I'm guessing 90% of Division One rivalry schools have dumbfuck fans who have made these; I'm not going to bother keeping a running tally here. Everyone is awful. The end.



What I'm getting from this is that all Big 10 fans should migrate on over and root for Iowa (which happens to be my alma mater).