This Vibrator App Will Turn Your Nagging Bitch of a Wife Into the 'Sweetest' Woman Ever

Vibease, a long distance massager that can be controlled by iPhone/Android, allows you to "stay intimate with your partner even when both of you are not physically together!" Which is all fine and dandy — except for the app's ridiculous promo video featuring John, a successful globetrotting executive and Jane, his naggy bitchy spouse who turns into the "sweetest wife ever" after John downloads Vibease and pleasures her from across the world, with no actual communication necessary! Like, EVERY MAN'S DREAM, right?!?


Poor John; Jane keeps getting upset "without an apparent reason" while her husband drives fancy cars around the world and she stays at home with the kids! What's that whiny shrew's deal?

But everything's about to change for the better, because instead of actually asking her what's wrong, John's going to send Jane Vibease requests via smart phone while he's in Singapore being his successful world traveling self and then she can accept it without even hearing his voice and then it's basically like he's right there next to her in bed, even though he's not, you know, there to help out around the house or with the children or listen to her problems and — okay, I think I'm getting a little too invested in Jane and John's marriage, but I think she should dump John and control her own vibrator, thank you very much.


Hi Katie, thank you for your article. I'm Dema, co-founder of Vibease. I would like to apologize if any of the readers find this video is offending in any ways. Our intention is to help all couples, regardless status or sexual orientation. And no, we are not sexist. I personally had this relationship issues. It's also based on our surveys, targeted to men and women. As a start-up with limited resources, so we choose the problem that we thought it's common. And we made a bad choice. Anyway, we have taken down the video.

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