Alabama Stubbornly Denies Licensing Application of Prospective Abortion Clinic Operator

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Alabama, as in "the state of," has once again denied the application of a would-be abortion clinic operator to reopen the New Woman All Women Health Care Facility, which was famously bombed in 1998 by Atlanta Olympic Park bomber Eric Robert Rudolph. State officials had ordered New Woman All Women to close in April, citing "multiple and serious violations of State Board of Health rules," though former owner Diane Derzis claimed that the state's concerns centered on documentation discrepancies and had nothing to do with serious violations that would endanger patients.


When the state ordered the clinic to shut down, Derzis, according to CNN, agreed to lease the building to Kelley Rain-Water, whose license application was eventually denied because officials said her relationship with Derzis was too buddy-buddy. Derzis owns three other abortion clinics, including Mississippi's only clinic currently in existence, and has vowed that she will force the Birmingham clinic's doors back open.


Alabama again denies application of would-be abortion clinic operator [CNN]

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I put this in a response, but it probably warrants its own post as well. Local reporting of the story makes it clear there is more going on than just Alabama hating women.

It turns out that there were patient care problems at the clinic, including overdoses of two women that required hospital treatment. This is what got their accreditation pulled.

The clinic's owner agreed in April to surrender the facility's license after an investigation by the state Department of Public Health found problems including two instances in which patients were given overdoses of a drug and were transported by ambulance to a hospital.

The licensing board gave another organization the opportunity to lease the space for the same purpose. The organization that applied, Ochata Management LLC, had close ties to the previous clinic. In fact, when the terms of the lease became public, it became clear that Ochata Management was just a front for the same organization.

That application was denied after it was determined that the previous owner was going to be receiving the profits from the operation, Ivie said. Under the terms of a consent decree any new operator "must be independent from and not affiliated with New Woman or its officers and directors."

So, instead of a cut-and-dried case of Roe vs. World, we have an abortion provider who was not in compliance and who compromised patient care. This provider then tried to retain control of the clinic in violation of the agreement with regulators by putting forward a shell company but still taking all of the profits.

This bothers me as a pro-choice woman and as someone who values the role that government plays in ensuring patient safety.