Values Voters Would Love it if Ladies Could Refrain From Dressing Like Whores

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In case you're wondering why your guy who normally sells you ecstasy is plum out of pills, here's why: it's Values Voters Summit time. And at the Value Voters Summit, they've been handing out some helpful pamphlets about how ladies should maybe consider dressing less slutty, lest they drive men to madness with uncontrollable lust. "Go home and put some clothes on!" said a real thing in 2012 that wasn't a joke.


This weekend, gay marriage hatin', embryo-lovin', sex shunnin', g-droppin' social conservatives gather together for their annual convention where they talk about how everything's going to shit and how America needs more Jesus. But not, like, hippie Jesus who loves poor people and hangs out with hookers and the downtrodden and turns the other cheek and loves his neighbor as he loves himself. America Jesus. The Jesus who is totally cool with war but really doesn't like strappy tank tops.

In the pamphlet, spotted by Think Progress, the same people who think there should be a constitutional amendment barring the implementation of sharia law in the US have no problem promoting an organization that urges women to "go home and put some clothes on!" if they wear clothing that's too revealing to church. Slutty clothes, you see, force men to look at women lustfully. Here's an excerpt from one pamphlet:

"My men's bible study group talks frequently about controlling our lust, thoughts, and eyes. Yes the problem and responsibility are ours, but is it really reasonable for the women of the church to make it THIS difficult for us?"

Translation: you fucking whores are asking for it.

If men are Biblically designed to be leaders, then why were they made with such an obvious bug that prevents them from doing anything around the sight of boobies? Guess we'll have to wait until the next Values Voters Summit to find out.

[Think Progress]



Funny story. I only recently discovered push-up bras, and holy hell do they make a difference in support... plus, hey, I like the way it changes my shape in certain clothes, so sue me. Anyway, about a week ago I was out at a bar with my husband, wearing a t-shirt that I would say is only moderately scoop-necked, and some lady who we had sat next glanced at me, down at my cleavage, then rolled her eyes at the bartender and murmured "Slut much?" I honestly don't think she thought I would hear her. I snapped my head around, gave her my biggest, brightest, say-that-to-my-face smile and loudly, pleasantly said "What was that, ma'am?" She quickly said "Nothing" and didn't make a peep until she left shortly thereafter.

It's just funny because it seems like largely the same sort of people who would make catty comments like this are the weakest and fastest to back down. They don't want to confront you. They want to look down their noses at you from a distance. Forced with actually, y'know, airing their opinions like adults in front of the person they're talking about, they back down really quickly. I mean, Jesus, I really don't care if you don't like my cleavage, but don't think I'm going to let you be passive-aggressive about it like an anemic, limp-wristed Victorian lady. "Mmmmnyeaaahhh, look at her bosom, it's so prominient, mmmmmmyeaaaaah, this stick does chafe my hindquarters so."