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Reddit Users Go Rogue, Revolt Against 'Sick' Child Porn Forums

Illustration for article titled Reddit Users Go Rogue, Revolt Against Sick Child Porn Forums

Even after officially banning posts tagged "jailbait," Reddit's seedy underbelly is still pretty much a cesspool of creepshots, suggestive photos of underage girls, and horrifying videos said to depict sexual abuse. Tale as old as time: something terrible is happening on Reddit! But, twist! This time, a community of insurgent users within the massive internet community are the ones trying to drive out the self-proclaimed creeps, pervs, and jailbait aficionados — until the gunk is gone, they're urging Reddit users themselves to encourage a boycott of the site. But without Reddit, how will I keep up with the adventures of Scumbag Steve?


For the unfamiliar, Reddit is divided into specialized pages called "subreddits" that are geared to interests that range from popular (r/Aww, for pictures of cute things doing cute things) to downright obscure (r/billclintonproblems, for people who got blow jobs from interns and the whole country found out about it). And in between the 1 million plus subscriber pages like r/atheism and the one subscriber pages like dollypartonsboobs lie some pretty fucked up small communities.

Scumbaggery runs rampant among the Wild West of unregulated sub-communities under the Reddit umbrella, according to a posting in the ShitRedditSays subreddit. In fact, Reddit's widely-publicized decision to finally shut down the /r/jailbait subreddit last fall did nothing to stem the flow of disturbing (and illegal) smut onto the page. "Dozens" of more specific alternatives to jailbait have taken its place, and the site's administrators are doing nothing about it. "Unfortunately, the reddit community as a whole also harbors and caters to pedophiles, distributors of child pornography, rapists, peeping Toms, and sex offenders," claims the post.


Among the wriggling termite's nest of WTF uncovered by the author of the posting,

A list of "jailbait" (child porn) forums that are currently on reddit:

According to the post's author, many of these forums are invite only and invisible to non-members.

But the unrelenting creeping doesn't stop with the kids. Reddit also hosts subreddits of upskirt and downblouse pictures of women who don't know they're being photographed and several forums devoted to such gentlemanly topics as "raping trannies" and "strugglesex." The posting says that Reddit's administrators know all about what's going on, but won't do anything about it, because it's more important that people on the internet can freely look at pictures of rape and upskirt photos of nonconsenting subjects than it is to honor photo subjects' wishes or consent.


And that's where Project PANDA, as its framers have christened it, comes in. The group wants to force Reddit to make a more concerted effort to keep child pornography and sexual abuse off of the site, and they want people to go balls out — calling local TV stations, skywriting it, sending smoke signals ahead to the potlatch so the village elders know.

Reddit is the most popular with college aged asshats in the US. Lots o' colleges have a black list for websites that contain child pornography or illegal material. Find as many emails for schools as you can and mass email this sucker out.

Act Local. If you're in America, I bet there's 20 churches near your home. Each church could have around 100 CONCERNED PARENTS that go to PTA meetings and talk to other parents. Send the "Redditbomb" to local politicians and churches. Let them see that their children are using a website that exploits and sexualizes children.

You can send tips to the FBI all day (god knows I do), but I think a grassroots campaign could do wonders.

Do you know how BORING local news is? Can you imagine if your local news could run a "IS YOUR CHILD POSTING IN A PEDOPHILE WEBSITE? STATISTICALLY THERE'S AN 80% CHANCE!" story? Holy shitballs they'd be all over it.


PANDA's Redditbomb aim isn't terribly far fetched; after all, Reddit removed r/jailbait only after the national media drew attention to the fact that child porn is bad, because, remember — above all the internet circle jerk is a DEFENDER of FREE SPEECH at all costs. Benjamin Franklin meets Batman meets Mystery the Pick Up Artist.

Commenters on the posting seem eager to eat Reddit from within, like a hot pink justice worm inside of an apple made of porn. But are the string-pullers at Reddit willing to piss off their pedobear friends in the name of acting fucking decent? Stay tuned.



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Please don't take anything SRS says seriously. It's one giant joke, with a few uptight FemNazis. They shit on everything. The misogyny on Reddit is terrible, but there are many pockets of misandry and most of them begin with SRS.

Aside from that, I think subreddits like /r/creepshots and /r/beatingwomen should be shut down, but who knows if they will.