Pulled 'Women for Akin' Ad Somehow Manages to Make Todd Akin Seem Even Worse

Not since a barrage of sexual misconduct accusations prompted the creation of Women for Herman Cain has a candidate's woman-centric outreach been more ill-advised. But, here we are, on Day 1 of Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin's WOMEN FOR AKIN initiative, which positions Akin as a nice guy who is friends with plenty of ladies who "think for themselves" rather than relying on, uh, their sense of hearing. The ad has been pulled, but I'm not sure that airing it would have made a difference, anyway.

The initiative was reported on by Talking Points Memo this morning, but both the video and website designed to promote Akin with the human impregnateables of America have been taken down. Pity.

The spot features a woman in silhouette explaining to the camera that women who use their damn sense-brains still support Todd Akin, because Todd Akin is nice. We never see who Silhouette Girl is; maybe she's in the Witless Protection Program.


Anyway, since you're all capable of Thinking For Yourselves, I won't say much about the contents of the video beyond picking out some choice excerpts that totally, not even a little bit make Todd Akin sound like exactly the type of fanatic he's been made out to be.

I couldn't be more grateful for him, and I couldn't be more proud of him taking up the calling and following God into politics.

Oy. God's a terrible political strategist. No Karl Rove, that God.

For my first twelve years, I grew up in Russia, where it was communist. There was no freedom at all. The government todl you what you could and what you could not do. So coming to America for the past seven years, I have been able to make my own choices, it's because of the Constitution being able to choose between right and wrong.


Yeah, I love choices, too. Too bad Todd Akin doesn't. Next.

He also supports parents controlling the education of their children no matter what kind of education that might be.


Who doesn't want the right to fill their child's mind with fairy tales and stories of cavemen riding dinosaurs around?! I demand the right to live amongst the facts of my choosing!

I am a married mother of 13, and my family is a huge supporter of Congressman Todd Akin, running for Senate. We understand that abortion in the black community is devastating. We are 12% of the population and we have 37% of all the abortions in this country. And we want to vote for someone who respects the lives of our black children.


Isn't this the same party who invented the myth of the black welfare queen? Let's not pretend the GOP and black people have an awesome recent history together. Come on.

I am very involved in pro life, and I know that he is 100% pro life, AS I AM.

100% pro life is just sanitized talk for "no abortion, no exceptions." Which is kind of the thing that got Todd Akin in the public opinion doghouse in the first place, right?


For more fun, I recommend perusing Akin's website, which reports that he is leading Claire McCaskill in the polls by 5%. The same poll found that Mitt Romney is leading Barack Obama by 20%.

Think for yourselves, or create your own alternate reality.


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Hey Jezebel: My neighbor has a Todd Akin sign in front of his house, and we don't even live in Missouri. Is it okay for me to let my dog shit in his yard?