Guns For the Cure® Probably Won't Cure Breast Cancer®, Either

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Now, I'm not a science expert here, and I'm not a gun expert, either, but it seems slightly "off" to have a gun club sponsor an event with proceeds that benefit notorious pinkwasher Susan G. Komen For the Cure® during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I mean, guns kill lots of people, much like breast cancer, so guns and cancer have that in common. But this is sort of ridiculous.

Today, via press release, the Illinois State Rifle Association announced that next Sunday, parties interested in ____ing for the cure can fill in the first part of that gerund with the word Shoot. Shooting for the Cure. For a small registration fee, people can shoot guns at a range for awhile, and then after that, cancer goes away forever. Or something.

All of the proceeds will benefit embattled breast cancer sorority charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Earlier this week, Komen announced that they wouldn't be accepting donations from Pornhub's Save the Boobies campaign and demanded the adult website stop using the name "Komen" to promote their anti-breast cancer efforts, even though porn has killed far fewer people than guns.


The last time a group tried to use guns to co-opt Komen's sharply protected brand, the charity issued a sharp rebuke to a "rogue" marketing effort by a firearm manufacturer hawking pink handguns.

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This makes perfect sense— Komen is a conservative organization. Conservatives love guns.

What didn't make sense was that so many progressive women lent their support to an organization that would pull its funding from Planned Parenthood.

This "Shotguns For Milk Machines" or whatever they're calling the program is actually restoring balance to the fundraising universe.