Armpit Sock Puppets Will Grope You and Discuss Racism While Hawking Deodorant

Jenni Pulos and her pair of sock puppets would like to pounce on you in an urban jungle and mercilessly hawk some new Secret Outlast deodorant while also groping your breasts. Is that cool? Doesn't matter! Jenni Pulos and her puppets will do it anyway because they need to tell you the good news — disliking white marks probably doesn't make you racist, and nobody should wear helmets over the age of eight because a) there is no universe in which helmets look cool and/or not fascist, and b) you're not going to live forever, so why not feel the breeze tickling your scalp as you ride your bicycle headlong into disaster?


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I... what? I'm a big fan of surreal, absurd humour, but this just reeks of trying too hard, in addition to not being funny at all. It's like they just wrote up a list of "wacky" things and threw a dart at it.

Do you know how to get me to buy deodorant? Tell me it will keep me dry and not smelly in the Florida heat as I sprint back and forth between Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and the Hulk Coaster at Universal.