Crazed Puppet Talk Show Host is the Most Powerful Media Figure in Puerto Rico

If you thought Sally Jessy Raphael was something else, wait until you get a load of La Comay! The puppet on top of a person is the star of a talk show in Puerto Rico, where's she's known for asking hard hitting questions and is said to have the "power to make or break someone."


Unfortunately, La Comay does not come without her problems:

The program has been derided for being over-the-top sensationalist and for broadcasting derogatory comments against women and gays, but "Super Xclusivo" remains the main news source for thousands in the U.S. territory and hundreds of Puerto Ricans in Florida and New York. The island comes to a stop every afternoon to watch La Comay not only talk small-town gossip but also expose government and business corruption scandals.

La Comay, why you gotta be so hateful? You sound and look very fresh, I really want to love you. Although, why am I casting stones, I come from the land of Jerry Springer and Geraldo Rivera, there can be no judgement passed here.

La Comay is payed by comedian Antulio "Kobbo" Santarrosa who dons lady contempo casual on bottom and a frizzy-haired giant foam head in full makeup on top. I don't know, I think this is probably just really great camp and I'm bummed I don't speak Spanish, California public schools are a JOKE!

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An over the top sensationalist broadcasting derogatory comments against women and gays with the use of puppets. The US would NEVER allow someone like that on the air...