Topless Nun Protesters Physically Attacked by Anti-Gay Marriage Wingnuts

Earlier today, the extreme right Catholic group, Civitas Institute (consisting mostly of senior military and business leaders), took to the streets of Lyon, France, to demonstrate against the legalization of same-sex marriage, which appears to be hopefully imminent, as the draft law will be voted on in early-to-mid 2013. To protest the demonstration, which has been in the works for the past three months, a feminist group called FEMEN showed up in full force to basically be all, "You're wack, just knock it off!" Then, people from Civitas allegedly started to physically attack the people of FEMEN, who ABC News says, "turned up topless, chanted 'in gay we trust' and sprayed white powder [fabulously labeled 'holy sperm'] from bottles."


According to the Google Translated piece from Le Monde, but you'll get the gist, "'The girls took shots in all parts of the body', as well as journalists who had filmed. Photographers were 'molested' also reported an AFP photographer."


The video is disturbing, showing a man slapping a woman, and more extremely bothersome behavior. If heterosexuals are raising their kids like this, I feel like it's an extremely strong argument in support of same-sex marriage that I've ever seen. I just want them to live in a world of Zach Wahls.

More info as it becomes available.

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John Boehner

Just because they wear habits doesn't mean that they're nuns. As a Catholic feminist, I'm very sorry to say, "your headline is misleading." It would be an excellent form of protest if it was something the Catholic nuns would actually do.