Man Claims Wife Forces Him to Wear Steel Chastity Belt While She's Away

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No longer is a Star Trek insignia belt enough to ensure chastity, you now need a lock and key. Let's just get down to the nitty gritty on this story because it's melting my mind.

So, this wife bought her husband a fake male plastic chastity belt (fake because no lock, duh) as a "gag gift" (funny gag gift!) and they mutually decided to put it on him for shits and giggles and then ended up having hot sex afterwards. So, cool cool, that all flies with me, but then the wife liked it a lot, and started buying more chastity belts — including one made of plastic and an $800 steel one from Germany that looks pretty terrifying. The deal is, he has to wear them when she's out of town. He doesn't like, and he confessed as much on Reddit.


Oh, and he posted a picture of the steel one in the lock picking subreddit (which, of course, exists) and is all, "HOW DO I GET THIS THING OFF??" Miniature chain saw, maybe? A little tiny hammer? A child's first tool set?

I really can't tell if this is a joke or not. At first I thought it definitely was, and now I think it might actually be legit.


Here's my working theory. They have a very specific type of D/s relationship, one in which she gets off by making him wear this thing and he gets off by being called a wimp by his wife and the internet. Because, here's the thing, his main argument about not leaving is that they have children together, and I'm not sure that's strong enough. Or, maybe it really is. She's apparently a Pharmaceutical Rep so she might be the main bread winner, she makes 3x what he makes, and that's hairy. There are plenty of people who stay trapped in relationships when kids and money are on the line.

So, basically, I'm hella confused. What is happening here? Or have we all just been trolled?


Man Claims Wife Forces Him to Wear Steel Chastity Belt While She's Away [Reddit]

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Wait. If the genders were reversed, would our first reaction would be "this is probably part of the sex games"? Maybe it is, but I feel like the first assumption should be that he wants and needs help. I don't know. Maybe I'm being bleedy heart today.