'Oh Sorry, Does My Dress Make You Feel Like a Rapist Today?'

Hundreds of survivors and supporters hit the streets of HK on Sunday as part of the International SlutWalk, the ongoing worldwide movement sparked by a Toronto police officer's statement that if women wanted to avoid rape, they should not dress like "sluts".


Only ninety-one cases of rape were reported in Hong Kong last year, but obviously many more went unreported. RainLily, a rape crisis centre, says a woman is raped in Hong Kong every eight hours. Heartbreaking.

It's for reasons like these that the SlutWalk has gone International, and it's thriving in Hong Kong.

Some wore full-body fluorescent suits and held signs saying, "Oh sorry, does my dress make you feel like a rapist today?"

"We dressed up in 'protective suits' to highlight the absurdity of blaming the victims of sexual assault," said Elene Lam Yee-ling, advocacy officer for RainLily.


Police estimated 200 participants joined the march, including the future Mr. Beck, Leung Kwok-hung. This seemingly perfect gentleman is a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and a total bad-ass activist who's known for his Che Guevara t-shirts, strong support of women and the poor and working class, and his long hair — which has earned him the nickname "Long Hair."

So, uh, basically — marry me, HK SlutWalk?

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