Where in the World Is Crazy Jan Brewer?

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When the going gets tough, the tough go visit the troops in Afghanistan apropos of nothing.


Well, that's what Jan Brewer has reportedly done, at least. Her office won't tell anyone where she is, but people suspect she's fled to do some random do-goodery stuff to get away from facing mounting criticism for claiming that humans don't cause climate change and refusing to give driver's licensees to immigrant youths protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. She also left town just in time to miss out on the certification of Arizona's controversial 2012 election results. Did she think no one would notice?

This isn't the first time Brewer's conveniently skipped town, either; The Daily Beast notes that she went on a book tour in 2011 while in the middle of a redistricting controversy, leaving a subordinate to remove the head of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, This week, Secretary of State Ken Bennett is the acting governor.

As it turns out, constituents aren't always so pleased when a governor sneaks away without telling anyone where she's going like a surly teenager.

"The concern is there's a pattern here," said Democratic state Rep. Chad Campbell, the House minority leader. "I fully support visiting the military ... But why now? The governor wasn't here on a day when a highly controversial election was certified, and she was in New York last year promoting her book on another huge day."

Why do people think Brewer's visiting the troops? Because she was last seen a wounded Arizona vet at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland. Sly, Brewer. Real sly.



I am hoping she self deported...but I am sure she is having her face done...Have you seen her? yikes....