Over Eighty Five Percent of Dreamworks Producers Are Women

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At Dreamworks, women are busting balls and chopping off nuts in their race for the top. Kidding, kidding, they're just working really hard and rightfully being acknowledged for their talent and drive. While this doesn't seem like something we should be celebrating, the fact is, it's not super common, and so fuck yeah, Dreamworks deserves a parade.

"Much of our senior leadership and over 85 percent of our producers are women, and we couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments," said Jeffrey Katzenberg, who's Nos. 2, 4 and 5 are all women: COO Ann Daly, chief accounting officer Heather O'Connor and worldwide marketing chief Anne Globe, respectively. TCB, ladies.

A lot of credit is due to Katzenberg, who's gone out of his way to promote talented ladies from within. While that's just how it should be, it's not usually the case, and so yay to him for doing the right thing.


Kudos to Dreamworks! I hope this news gets major press and that every little girl dreaming of a career behind the camera sees it and thinks, "I got this." Because you do, ladies. Just remember, you don't have to go to film school, but if you do go, don't make out with boys who make films with non-linear narrative. Just trust.

How DreamWorks Animation Became One of Hollywood's Most Female-Driven Studios [Hollywood Reporter]

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Ops, admin and marketing have always been women's domain. Producers are arguably a mix of all three. It'd be much more worthy of praise and celebration if 85% of their directors, editors, writers and cinematographers were female, where the work requires actual talent and less soft skills.